Manage your finance and estate better with NexGen Estate Planners

NexGen’s primary purpose is to improve public understanding of the issues families face in relation to inheritance and succession planning and promote education and high professional standards among the members.

All of the members are subject to an extensive  code of conduct, requiring them at all times to act with integrity and in a manner that inspires the confidence, respect and trust of their clients and of the wider community. The members are also required to keep up to date with the latest legal, technical and regulatory developments.

The members work with families, helping them with real problems. Some examples of what the members advise on are: providing for a husband following his wife’s death, while protecting the interests of their children; ensuring elderly or vulnerable relatives are cared for and supported; helping families with interests spread across the world to be compliant with the laws and tax rules of different countries; ensuring that a family business will pass safely from one generation to another; and helping clients to support charitable causes in an effective way. 

NexGen takes a leading role in explaining the members’ views and expertise to governments, tax authorities, regulators and the public. They work with governments and regulatory authorities all over the world to examine the likely impact of any proposed changes, providing technical advice and support and responding to consultations.

They help families plan their assets across generations by:

Promoting high professional standards

Educating professionals

Connecting advisors and families globally

Informing public policy

Acting in the public interest.


The values by which NexGen works:

Promote professional educational attainment.

Act transparently.

Uphold professional standards.

Serve our members, whatever their professional background, wherever based.

Recognize our responsibility to the public interest.


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