Sohan Lal Sons and Ghoriwala: A name that represents Class in the wedding industry

Do you want your wedding to be extravagant and classy? Why not choose the best band? Wedding music adds fun, emotions and helps in setting the mood of the function. Additionally, Indian marriages are not about just one thing, it is a full package of music, baraat, ghori, doli, and many more. For that people hire a top-notch wedding band, which usually provide all of these services under one roof.

One such wedding band is Sohan Lal & Sons Ghoriwala. Sohan Lal & Sons Ghoriwala a Royal name in the wedding industry. It is a prestigious band with over 65 years of experience in the industry. They provide numerous varieties of wedding services, with almost all that you need to make your wedding a memorable one.

You can choose from the heterogeneity of their services, namely the following:

  • Ghori: Ghori or mare is an important custom of baraat, a part of Indian marriages. In this tradition, the groom makes an entry to the wedding hall on a mare along with other people dancing on funky music typically played by a musical band. Make a classic entry on their finest bred mares.
  • Baggh:. Sohan Lal and sons provide chariots decorated with pearl, jewels and flowers for various ceremonies like wedding, Ramlila rath yatra, etc.
  • Chattar: Is a Grand Umbrella typically used in Rajasthan which also represents class and royalty. It is something that you need to make your wedding royal and extravagant
  • Band & dhol: Sohan Lal has the fines Troupe of highly skilled and experienced musicians.
  • Doli: Doli is something which has been a part of traditional Indian wedding from ages. They provide Doli decorated according to the bride’s attire.

They also offer premium services like:

  • Elephant & Camel: make a grand, king-like entry on Elephant or Camel. Who knows this could become a memorable moment of your life?
  • Mashal is a fire torch. According to ancient Indian literature, the fire has been known to light up the lives of people. Why not try it for yourself?
  • Bankia & shehnai. Sohan Lal and Sons have one of the most experienced shehnai players.
  • Ghori lancer. What makes you feel less to a king when you will have your own lancers on decorated Ghori on your wedding.

With so many options to choose from, what are you going to choose? See for yourself and make your wedding a memorable one with a hint of grace, royalty and elegance with Sohan Lal and Sons Ghoriwale.


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