What is the importance of laboratories in an Engineering College?

Would you choose an Engineering College with no laboratories? Apparently, no, right? So why it is so important for an Engineering College to have laboratories on the campus in the first place? To understand this, let’s go deeper and understand it from its roots.

When we were in school, we were taught the subject names ‘Science’. So why were we taught this subject anyway? It is because Science subject teaches us about the principles that are present in nature, in our environment. For example, Newton’s Law, the Ohm’s Law, just to name a few.

But when we grew up, we got to know about a new field called Engineering which was similar to science. So, what separates science from engineering, or are they not different? To answer, Engineering is a branch of science that applies the principles of science into the practical world. In other words, engineering uses the principles of science to make real-life objects work, especially in human benefit. Simple examples include pulleys, lever, fulcrum, screw, etc. whereas, complex examples include, big machines like cars, trucks, drilling machines, JCBs and what not.

Now coming back to the point that why is it important to have laboratories in an Engineering College? It’s simple. Doing practical and numerous projects are how engineering can really be done. Almost all engineering subjects require you to perform experiments and gain hands-on experience in everything. Although colleges do not have fully functional and industrial labs, nor is it possible to do that, most engineering colleges provide almost all the practical knowledge students require for gaining industrial knowledge.

One such college that immediately springs to the mind is the Seth Jai Prakash Mukand Lal Institute of Engineering and Technology or in short JMIT. The college has an extensive campus and laboratories are scattered all over it. Whether it is Electrical Circuit Labs, Surveying Labs, VLSI Labs, Mechanical workshops, Computer Centres and English Communication lab, this campus has it all. 

In a nutshell, this infographic will help you understand the importance of having laboratories on campus:

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