An interview at the SSB is a conversation between the candidate and the interviewing officer, where questions are asked by the IO (Interviewing Officer) in order to assess the personality of the candidate or in other words to judge the OLQs. Selecting a candidate for various appointments purely on the basis of just paper and pencil test is not a fair deal because personality traits of a candidate are better measured during interview. Thus, interview helps in identifying the right candidate suitable for Indian Armed Forces as an officer.

The interview generally happens BETWEEN DAYS 2 TO DAY 4 AT SSB. A candidate is interviewed by the IO. Generally the Interviewing Officer is the president or Vice-president of the SSB board. Interview is considered as one of the most popular device for evaluating the OLQs of a candidate.

enlightened NOTE- The aim behind conducting an interview at the SSB is to assess the Officers Like Qualities of the candidate by means of face to face conversation between the candidate and the IO (Interviewing Officer).


1. LEADING QUESTIONS: These are very basic questions related to the family, educational background, interest and hobbies.

For example;

  1. Tell me about your school life, college life and relations with your teachers, about your favorite teacher etc.

2. OPEN-ENDED QUESTIONS: These questions are more subjective and help the IO in knowing candidate’s holistic thought process and overall personality. Such questions are very helpful in assessing the candidate’s general attitude & behavior.

For example:

  1. Tell me about your relationship with your teachers?

3.PROBING QUESTIONS: An interviewing officer seeks specific information from the candidate by asking the probing questions. He puts a pressure on the candidate and tries to reveal the decision making ability, timing, adequate coverage of each area, judgment, motivation and other factors in his personality structure.

4. CLOSE ENDED QUESTIONS:  The closed ended questions are opposite of open-ended questions which can be simply answered by a simple “Yes or No” or in a short phrase. Generally close ended questions are asked at the closing note of the interview.

To perform well in the Interview, you can click here to watch the video.

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