eople move to another country because they think that they will find peace and happiness there. But when they get there, they find that the people there, too, are just as tense. Everywhere there is tension, restlessness and dissatisfaction. So know the Holy Name which I always tell you about, because it is full of peace and bliss. It is beyond all words; nothing can be said about it. It is the secret of all secrets. Without the Holy Name there can be no peace. I tell this to everybody, but not everyone can understand. Those in power, those who are killing people, they cannot understand. Only the simple-hearted, who are sincere seekers of truth, who want to know God, can understand. They will understand what they are missing in life.

Ravanna, who was the king of Lanka, had incredible power. He had control over many deities, over many forces of Nature. But even he could not live forever.  As he was dying he told Lakshman, the younger brother of Lord Rama, “I have learnt two lessons from my life. Firstly, do not put off good deeds until tomorrow, do it immediately. Secondly, when you get the urge to do something wrong, put it off until tomorrow.” The best thing you can do in life is attach yourself to God, the Father. This is the best thing, so do it right now.
Peace is within you, it cannot be lent or borrowed or sold. It is always with you. How merciful is God that he has given us such a thing, so keep it safe, so that you can use it all the time. It is always with you, and that is the only thing that is beneficial. How can you take something with you when you die if it is not always with you now?  Your body will be left behind. So you must know what it is that is always with you.
Almighty God is so merciful that he has given us something eternal to enjoy, but we are unaware of it, we are not conscious of it, we don’t know it. That is why the enlightened one, the living Master, comes to give us Knowledge. Lord Krishna said, “Arjuna, take refuge in a realised saint. Open your heart like a child to him, serve him, obey him and when he is pleased with you, he will reveal that Holy Name within you.” He will not tell you to go to temples, he will not tell you to go to churches, he will not make you read books and do penances and rituals. He will give you direct Knowledge. He will give you the direct experience of Truth, of the Holy Name and Light which is already within you. And when you meditate on that Truth, your soul will merge in It and take perfect shelter there. That Power is shown by the living Master. He will not give you riches. He will not give you offspring. He will not give you material things. Material things were here before you were born. These things will pass away too. But the thing which the Master will show is you, is the everlasting thing. He will show you what you have been longing to know, what you have been wanting to have.
Without that Knowledge, the soul is starved, it is weakened. It needs meditation. If you do not meditate you weaken your spirit and then it starts to cry and you suffer. So you must go to the one who can fill your heart with Truth. He will give you everything. St Kabir said that the man who truly searches for something finds it. Suppose there is a pearl in the ocean. If you are worried about your safety you will not dive for it, but then you won’t get the pearl, either. If you want to find that pearl, you have to take a risk and dive for it. If you want to find the Truth, search! Don’t be lazy. Only by searching will you find. The hour of death will come one day and this castle, this body, will collapse. The foundation of the whole body is breath. Even people who kill have to breathe, but this breath was not given to you to do such things. So long as you have breath you have to think about how to utilise it in the best possible way. One day it will leave your body and the body will be left behind. Until that happens, you have breath, so use it for the best purpose.
A  good jeweller can recognise a high quality diamond when he sees it, but other people may not. In the same way, the Holy Name and Light are only realised by true seekers, for they alone realise the value of the Master’s teachings. You can buy a diamond with dollars, but you cannot buy the eternal words of the Master. You cannot buy this body, you cannot buy this Knowledge.  One saint said, “Truth was already inside me. It is my property, it is my home, but until my Master gave me Knowledge I did not know it was there. Now my own lost property has been restored to me.” That is why all the saints tell us to go within. This is the place where you can know that thing which has always kept you alive. He who seeks will find. If you search you will definitely find it, but your search should be a sincere one, and a sincere search starts with satsang.
Human life is for action. As you sow, so shall you reap. If you do wrong you will get the bad results.  All the great saints did good, they worked for the sake of others, and they are still worshipped. This body must die, and when a man dies people say that he is dead and that’s that. But after a saint leaves his body he is worshipped and future generations look to him for guidance. Only by knowing one’s spirit can one live a truly great life. So know the Secret Name, don’t delay.
When you have jaundice, your eyes turn yellow and everything looks yellowish to you. The world is not yellow, it is only that you have this disease. Once you are cured you will see the world as it is. A man who has cataracts can not see, because there is a veil in front of his eyes.  Things are there, but he just cannot see them. But when he goes to a doctor and has the cataract removed, he can see everything around him clearly. In the same way, our inner vision has been dimmed and we need an operation so that we can see again. Nothing new will be created, but what is already existing will be revealed to us. We will be shown what was already existing but which we did not know before. In the same way as a doctor restores your vision by removing the cataract, so the living master will restore your inner vision. He will cure your disease. But how will you know him? If you put your hand into a fire it will burn, you will not need any proof that it is burning. You will feel it. In the same way, when you find the true Master, you will feel, “Yes, I have found the true Knowledge”.
The world is burning, our hearts are burning with hatred, anger and jealousy. Saints shower the rain of mercy and make it cool and peaceful. The Master cools our hearts with the Knowledge. The Master is known by the Knowledge that he gives. He will show you the Source, the Essence of Creation and then you will know who he is. For this you must be humble, you must have reverence. You cannot just grab this Knowledge, you cannot buy it, you cannot get it just by seeing him. You have to be humble.
Only a perfect Master can give this Knowledge. He does not come to take you away from your religion, but he comes so that you can know the truth of your religion. All the different religions are very old, but what was existing before even them? What is the eternal religion, the religion of all religions? That is realisation. The inner realisation is given so that all differences may be bridged, so that people may walk together on the path of realisation, on the Path of Reality. So know the true religion, know God. The devotee who knows the true Name of God sees God within himself, just as clearly as I am seeing you and you are seeing me. Perhaps even more clearly. True devotees see God face-to-face.
It doesn’t matter whether you taste sugar in the side of your mouth or from the middle of your mouth or from the top of your mouth. It tastes sweet wherever you taste it. But you cannot understand just by hearing someone say so. You have to taste it for yourself. Then you can realise the pleasure.
The breath is not guaranteed. It comes and goes. When it goes out there is no guarantee that it will come back. A person can have a heart attack and die even while sitting in his car. There are more and more types of medicines today, but at the same time the number of diseases is increasing. There are diseases which did not exist years ago. Sooner or later you have to vacate your body, but leave it like a saint, not like a worldly person.
Lord Krishna told Arjuna, “This life is full of actions. I am giving you the Knowledge of selfless action, detached action. With this Knowledge you can still do actions yet become great. So remember my Name always and do your duty.”
Our eyes see sunlight, moonlight and firelight, but the fourth light – Divine Light – cannot be seen with these eyes. This Divine Light is for everyone in the whole world. You can belong to any religion, but that Light is one, and the Divine Eye which sees this Light is also the same in everyone. The sun rises at different times around the world, so no place is always in darkness. Now is the time to come into the light. There is light outside, but you need to be illuminated within, too. If you are dark within, the external light cannot do anything for you.

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