Choose Best Financial Advisor and Financial Planning Course

India has witnessed an increasing interest in academics and learning over the past few years. In recent times, India has observed a sudden spurt of interest in learning and education between youngsters. India today has become one of the leading countries in the world in the field of academics and learning. The country has been consistently developing and evolving in the field of academics. It has also been seen that to grow and maintain sustainable development in learning, it is necessary to flourish in the field of academics with relevant courses. 


Education plays a vital role in shaping the economy as well as the structure of the society of a country. India has done a tremendous job at adapting to the global transformation in terms of education and employment. There has also been a vast development in the economic sector of the country. Now that the prosperity of our nation is maintained and stable, the youngsters in India need to grow in the field of finance and Wealth Management. With several opportunities at disposal, students aspiring for a career in finance and economy can choose between some of the best financial planning courses and financial advisor courses available in India. 


AAFM India, popularly known as the American Academy of Financial Management provides the best first step to interested candidates to develop a global career in finance. It is a premium US based-board, certification body and accreditation Council that is focused entirely on the finance sector helps finance and management professionals take their careers to a new high with globally recognised certificates. 

1. About AAFM India

The American Academy of financial management is an internationally acclaimed professional organisation that designs specific certifications and courses for wealth managers, portfolio managers, investment advisors, private bankers, asset managers, trust and estate practitioners and project managers worldwide. The Academy set up its Indian chapter called the American Academy of financial management India Private Limited is a national standard-setting body in the country to encourage financial advisory and Wealth Management in India. The Indian chapter is responsible for designing the curriculum and certification of memberships with licensing standards for financial advisory and Wealth Management professionals in the country. The Academy has exclusive rights to provide international standard financial courses and certifications, designations and other educational programs that are also offered all across the world. The programs offered at the Academy are one of the highest designations in the field of Wealth Management.

2. Which are the Best Financial Advisor and Financial Planning Courses?

While promoting the international best practices in the field of financial advisory and Finance, the Academy offers its Global expertise to build and promote standards and processes for financial and wealth advisory. They provide award-winning International certifications in finance and renowned Global finance courses including the chartered wealth manager certification, financial advisor course and financial planning courses. Their best financial advisor and planning courses include Chartered Financial Analyst and Certified Financial Planner course.

3. Chartered Financial Analyst

The chartered financial analyst certification is considered to be one of the most prominent courses in the finance industry. The CFA course is considered equivalent to a 5 your long MBA in finance and the degree holder is considered as one of the most valued, experienced and respective members of their organisation. The knowledge generated from the CFA degree holder is considered essential for the development and growth of the residing company and showcases a higher level of competence of the degree holder in the financial market.

4. Certified Financial Planner

Rated the best among the top financial planning courses, the CFP course instils a comprehensive knowledge and understanding about the financial industry in the individual. The CFP degree holder is considered to be equipped with the understanding of wealth and Asset Management equivalent to an experienced professional. The CFP course makes professionals the master of all trades as it involves rigorous training in all aspects of Finance including insurance planning, tax planning, and estate planning, etc.

Making the right choice of the best financial advisor and planning course can turn your life around. The courses by AAFM India are highly valuable and build higher designations for certification holders.

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