Once you have cleared the written exam, the next stage is the SSB which is considered to be the most difficult stage but in fact it is the most easiest one. SSB stands for service selection board. Generally people think that SSB is just an interview. But let me clarify, interview is only one part of the SSB. SSB is divided into two phases. Phase I comprises of screening test. For proceeding onto II phase one has to clear the I phase.Phase II constitutes three parts and is conducted in order to judge the overall personality of the candidate. As the name Service Selection Board is self explanatory i.e. a group of highly skilled Armed Force officers select you on the basis of your personality traits which are required for being an officer. Now we are little bit clear about SSB.
Before we go ahead, I want to take you back to the 2nd line where many of you might be amazed by reading that SSB is the most easiest stage.
The feedback which I have got from most of the candidates is that SSB is a very difficult stage because the success ratio is very less. The reason behind this, which i have already wrote in my article "CRACKING THE COMPETITIVE EXAM" is that, defense people will never going to compromise in quality. They want quality not the quantity. So remember one thing that quality is directly proportional to success ratio.

    I can prove this as I have already said that SSB is nothing but its the overall personality reflection of a person which means that in SSB you have to present what is there inside you with minor modifications that too whenever it is required.

    As we will move further the whole picture of the SSB will be more clear to you and at the end of the article you will realize that you have the spark to surpass the SSB and this is what the armed forces ask for, -                                                                                                      "Do You Have it in You".

    Now before moving on to the detailed discussion let me give you a precise and complete definition of SSB.

 SSB is a 5-6 days test which needs expression of thyself in order to cross check the Officer's Like Qualities. In other words, SSB is an INTELLIGENCE + PERSONALITY + ENDURANCE TEST.



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