eople are asleep in the slumber of illusory lust and attachment. Our human life is incomplete without Spiritual Knowledge and the Master. We were wandering aimlessly in the world, but after finding the Master and getting Spiritual Knowledge, we have been transformed from within, our heart has been changed, our soul has progressed and our life has been uplifted. If we try to talk about Spiritual Knowledge to those who lack faith and reverence, they will not be able to understand. But those who have faith and reverence grasp it in no time, even without having to hear much.
It is said that those who have firm faith need no explanation, whereas those who do not believe in God and Knowledge will experience no transformation in their thinking, even if they learn by heart the essence of all religious scriptures.

Now we have to consider, what is faith? Many people, not only from here in Siliguri, but even from Nepal, Assam, Kinnaur, Delhi and other places have come to attend the program. Their faith alone has brought them here. We all believe that one unknown power is running the entire world. We are here to experience this same power. The Master explains to us what the true name of God is, what the power of truth is. Where there is doubt, there is no room for faith. Where there is no faith, there is no devotion and love for God or for the Master. And where there is no love, how can be there any relationship between a devotee and God? The relationship between devotees and God is totally dependent upon true love. So we should eradicate all doubts and develop faith within.
See, this human body is made of five elements. Each object in this world is made from these same five elements, but True Knowledge shows us that power which is the ruler of all five elements. If we analyse the word ‘Bhagwan (God)’, we find that this power is beyond the five elements, even though it contains them all. ‘Bha’ stands for ‘Bhumi’ (earth), ‘ga’ stands for ‘gagan’ (sky), ‘W’ is for ‘Wayu’ (air), ‘a’ is for ‘agni’ (fire) and ‘na’ is for ‘neer’ (water). So it is clear that everything is contained in ‘Bhagwan’. If all components of our being are functioning properly, then our life goes smoothly.
Now we have to ask ourselves, what is that power which is within everything?  If the elements exist, they must have some foundation. Earth is the foundation for trees. The sea is the origin of rivers. If there were no water in the sea, then where would the river water come from? When sunrays fall on seawater, it evaporates, rises up into the sky to form clouds then fall as rain. Rainwater gathers, drop by drop, taking the form of small springs and rivers. Thus, everything has a source.
So what is the source of the five elements?  The maharishis, the great sages, searched within to discover it and declared that this Power is endless and has been at work since time immemorial. It uses the five elements to create and even more is being discovered. But if we don’t experience that Power we will never be able to understand what Truth is. Truth itself is that Power. It is written in our scriptures, “Ekam sadvipra bahudha wadanti”. Truth is one, but saints explained it in various different ways. “That which was in the beginning, is now and ever shall be.” Guru Nanak described it thus: “Adi sach jugadi sach, hai bhi sach, Nanak hosi bi sach.” That power is Truth; it has been Truth since time immemorial, that truth is continuous, that Truth is omnipresent. However, we can only know that which is eternal and continuous through something which is eternal within ourselves. Our life gets transformed by knowing the Holy Name of God. We are filled with pure friendship for all, as feelings of goodwill and kindness awaken in our hearts.

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