The Master overcomes worldly problems and hindrances and achieves the great purpose of his life and at the same time also guides his devotee on the true path. So, you are told time and again that if you stay near him, then you will also become like him. History tells us that even evil-minded people got transformed when they came in contact with the Spiritual Master.

Ratnakar, who later became a great rishi, used to rob and kill people then give this loot to his family. Once he met the sage Narad and robbed him also. Narad told him that he would have to reap what he had sown. Ratnakar asked why that should be. Narad Ji said, “If you do not believe me, then go and ask your family whether, they will willingly share your punishment” as you are supporting them with your vile crimes.

Ratnakar tied Narad Ji to a tree then went home and asked his parents, brothers, sisters, wife and son whether they would share his sufferings or punishment. All the members of his family said, “If you earn money by doing wrong, then you alone will have to suffer the results. It is your duty to support your family. We are not responsible for either your good or bad actions”.

Then Ratnakar understood what Narad had told him. He returned and untied him then prostrated and begged forgiveness. He prayed to Narad to tell him how he could be redeemed from the fruits of his evil and cruel deeds. The divine sage initiated Ratnakar into Spiritual Knowledge and Ratnakar went into samadhi. Later, he became a great saint.

imilarly, when Angulimal came into contact with Lord Buddha, he got transformed. Emperor Ashoka killed many people in battle. He also got transformed when he came in contact with the teachings of Lord Buddha and even dedicated his son and daughter to spreading Buddhism. So, when bad people come in contact with spiritual people, they get transformed.

If we tread the path of Knowledge, then we will make a heaven of our life but if we follow and adopt the negative path then our life will become hell. Prince Siddhartha had everything: wealth, wife and son, but none of these could bind him. He went out in search of Truth, leaving everything behind. He found Spiritual Knowledge and became Lord Buddha. Whoever came in contact with him got transformed, gained spiritual experience and became great. In reality, Knowledge alone has the power to make one great.

Meera Bai was a queen but she abandoned all the pleasures of her kingdom to  devote herself to earning the ‘treasure’ of Holy Name, and only this spiritual capital comes to our aid as we leave this world.

The true power of God is within our heart but we worship Him outside in temples and holy places. Unless we eat the food, which is kept before us, we will remain hungry. Similarly, that Divine Power is not outside, it is within our heart but unless we take shelter at the feet of the true Spiritual Master, receive Knowledge from him and remember Holy Name, we cannot experience that power.

Lord Krishna also says to Arjuna, “I am realised only by single-minded devotion and not by chanting, penance, fasting, worshipping, reciting scriptures and doing external rituals”. We have to serve Guru Maharaj Ji  with pure mind, words and actions to achieve one-pointed devotion.
“Vastu kahin dhundhe kahin, kehi vidhi awe haath.
Kabir Vastu tab paiye, jab vedi lije saath.”

St Kabir says, “How can you find something if you search for it where it is not? We will find it only if we bring along someone who knows where it is.”
To know that Knowledge we have to take shelter in the Master. Only he can give us Knowledge and peace. He is the whole and we are the parts. So, let us receive this most secret Knowledge from him and walk the true path until our last breath. Guru Maharaj Ji has connected our heart to the Holy Name of God after removing it from the illusory things. Now, we have to remember that Name continuously, because in this lies our salvation. ll

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