Want to get a job overseas? These certifications by AAFM can give wings to your career

"I am stuck up here and do not know what's in for me or how much I will grow. " Do you have thoughts like this while you are working at a company? Do you feel your future is insecure and you may never be in that elite league?  

You dream to work in an international company and have a global career but the absence of relevant experience or qualification keeps you on hold. Well, the certifications by the American Academy of Financial Management may be the push you need for a global career.


AAFM is a global leader in the financial education sector. AAFM was established in the year 1996 and has produced over 3 lakhs certificant globally since its inception, out of which there are 50, 000 + Chartered Wealth Managers. Its members are present in over 151 offices in 17 countries including India, China, USA, UK and Singapore. It works in unison with more than 800 universities worldwide. AAFM is accredited with AACSB and ACBSP international organizations. Moreover, many Indian fiancé giants recognize the certifications by AAFM including Bharti AXA Life, Bajaj Capital, Birla Sunlife, Indiabulls AMC, ICICI Securities, etc.

Some of the certification programmes provided by AAFM are;

  1. CWM- Chartered Wealth Manager: It is the most prestigious and highest designation in the field of wealth management provided by AAFM. Doing this course can accelerate your career and provides you with tons of opportunities.
  2. AFA- Accredited Financial Analyst: is a certificate programme which is intended to improve the skills required by research, financial, or equity analyst to perform important functions associated to financial statement analysis.
  3. CTEP- Chartered Trust and Estate Planner is a unique and only estate and trust planning certification in India.
  4. CFGP- Chartered Financial Goal Planner is a one-day certification programme specially designed for independent financial advisors to develop the basic skills required by wealth managers.

Moreover, AAFM India is an accredited CPE Provider for NISM Certifications. AAFM India is one of the few platforms in India that provide such advanced certification programmes for professionals. These programmes are specially curated in a way to develop your overall experience and increase your chances of getting more opportunities.

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