an spirituality make one’s life better? Does it make living worthwhile? To begin with, we must understand
the realm of spirituality and what it means?

Spirituality is the science of life  or consciousness, the focal point of our existence. The life force or the spirit inside us keeps us going, thus we are alive.
Materialism on the other hand is bound by limitations. It is the only world one is exposed to in the absence of spirituality. However, is there any desire or activity which is permanent in nature? No matter  what we eat, drink, wear, possess, hoard, accumulate, own or enjoy, with the passage of time the desire is once again born. There is nothing that can satiate man forever. Thus once again we are at it trying and tiring ourselves to fulfill the urge. It becomes a repetitive cycle of activity between man, the desire and the means. It is our bodily requirement or a prerequisite for our existence to have  food, shelter and clothing. It is rudimentary to our existence but it cannot in any way be the principal aim of life. We eat to live and not vice versa. The means ought not  become the end. A vehicle is a means of mobility, but if the desire becomes too intense it may drive us till it becomes an object of obsession or craving and then the same vehicle becomes an object of anxiety rather than convenience.
A tenant does not get upset if the value of real estate drops in the neighbourhood. But the owner certainly does. The owner is very much involved, his stakes are high, hence his anxiety. Spiritual Masters come to uplift man and elevate him from being just a bundle of desires, lusts and greed. Spirituality is the fountainhead of wisdom as it provides man with the faculty for discerning between illusion, desires, necessities and provides a meaning to life beyond materialism.  Spirituality helps us establish our rapport with the Reality or Self.
In the world of dynamics, everything is subject to change. Nothing is permanent except the Primordial Energy which is the axis on which everything revolves. The same Energy  in its smallest manifestation keeps electrons moving in their orbits inside an atom, whilst the same Energy keeps the planets moving in the solar system. It is the same vibration inside each of us, thus we are alive. Call it Energy, Soul, the Spirit, Atma, consciousness or the Life Force - whatever name we may give it, in its absence we are declared dead and fit only to be buried in the ground. To realise and experience this Reality is spirituality. There is nothing beyond it, as it is the beginning and the end of our existence. Everything and anything else related to our life is incidental and transitory. A king, a pauper, a tycoon, a philosopher or an atheist - or anybody and everybody for that matter - is alive because of this Energy. It is the Primordial Science or the Science of Life. But ignorance blinds wisdom in human beings,  hindering their discovery of this eternal and universal truth. The higher the level of realisation, the greater is the feeling of renunciation - both mental and physical.
One who has a spiritual outlook takes care of the tree (the source) and thus enjoys its shade and the fruit it bears. Without it, he is like a child who craves the fruit, unmindful of the tree. The former understands that fruit is guaranteed if the source is healthy. The tree is the source of fruition and happiness.
A garden becomes the object of worry, pride and flattery for the owner. But a spiritual man is like the gardener or the caretaker who uproots the weeds and ensures the plants are protected from diseases. The role of the latter is progressive and positive. A spiritual person considers the Lord to be the owner, and himself a responsible caretaker.
A judge in a court of law must be unbiased and without prejudice. Only then will he be considered fit to render justice and dispense the most appropriate verdict. Similarly, a spiritual man is one who is detached from the illusionary world and thus can be most precise and infallible in his judgment of life.
Spirituality is a unique  positive science without any negativity. It helps man improve his life, makes life all joyous and peaceful and elevates him to a sublime plane. Desires, greed  and lust are the cause of jealousy, hatred and vengeance. If one is able to gain control of his own mind, desires and greed can be overcome by a more potent force inside each one of us: the most powerful and divine Cosmic Energy.

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