s the unborn child is hanging upside down in his mother’s womb he prays, “O God, please deliver me from this torment and I will remember you continuously throughout my life when I get out of here.” But, as soon as he is born, he gets engrossed in worldly life and remains ever busy with that and forgets God. That is why Kabir Saheb said:
“Rat ganwai  soy kar, diwas ganwayo khay,
Heera janam amol tha, kouri badle jay.”
“Man spends his nights sleeping and his days eating. Human life is a priceless diamond but is wasted for nothing.” A man remains engrossed in worldly life. He may travel across the seven seas and nine continents; he may become a great learned scholar, a great leader or a great artist or excel in other fields; but all these are temporary. After death all his titles and learning are left behind in this world. God cannot be realised by any or all of these worldly talents, yet a soul is gifted with human birth exclusively to reach God.

Whatever a person does, from the time he wakes up in the morning until late at night, is all about filling his belly, which animals also do. All hanker after sensual pleasures. Man wastes his life satiating his desires, anger, pride, temptation, lusts and attachments.
There are five elements in this world – space, air, water, fire and earth. Each has its own quality. The quality of ether (space) is sound. For example, a deer gets entrapped due to his attraction to sound. The quality of air is touch: an elephant is trapped due to his desire for touch. The quality of water is taste, the quality of fire is form and the quality of earth is smell. The whole creation is mixed up in one or the other of these five attributes.  A moth sacrifices its life for the light. A fish gets caught due to its lust for taste: it wants to eat the bait on the hook. A man also consumes his lifespan enjoying sensual pleasures.
The essence of this destructible world is to meditate on the Divine Light of God alone, leaving aside sensual and illusory worldly pleasures. Only those who achieve this become great. Owners of big factories or big businessmen are considered to be great.  Who is great and whose life is meaningful and successful? A life is meaningful and successful if it achieves salvation. Unless you acquire the wisdom to know the truth and differentiate it from untruth there is no benefit from satsang. Many learned people consider themselves great because they discuss verses of the Ramayana or Bhagavad Gita in detail and they think that they are not required to do anything further to acquire the Knowledge of God, but it is not so. Only satsang, because Knowledge of God is found there, gives true benefit. Such satsang alone is true and real spiritual discourse.
Today, everyone is fed up with hypocrisy and treachery. If the Master speaks the truth, people do not recognize him and think that he must be just another so-called preacher. But the Divine Light and Holy Name of God are true and real. If you acquire the Knowledge of Divine Light and Holy Name of God and meditate regularly, you will definitely be redeemed from the cycle of birth and death.
What will you lose if you do not know God? Could there be a greater loss than wasting your life? A leaf which falls from a tree cannot be reattached to that tree. Similarly, once you vacate your human body, you may not get another for a very long time. No one knows when God will be gracious enough to grant you a human birth again.
Everyone reads scriptures and there is no scripture in which the Holy Name has not been glorified. Still, no one says that a living soul remembers this Holy Name in the mother’s womb. Have you ever wondered what that Name is? Hanumanji revealed Sita and Lord Shri Ram living within his heart. Some scholars say that Hanumanji had that Name but nobody else does. However, our scriptures say that God is omnipresent and His Name exists within all creatures – man, animals and birds - equally. That Holy Name is within you because the life force dwells within you as well.
Lord Krishna says that the person who leaves his body remembering Holy Name and meditating on Divine Light reaches Him. In other words, he gets salvation. The rest continue to reincarnate through different species. What is that Holy Name? At the time of death all the sense organs become inactive, the body becomes rigid. In such a situation, which name, in which language, could be chanted?
In other words, one can know that Holy Name of God as a human being only. We must experience the Supreme Light which is divine. Lord Krishna was in human form when he imparted Spiritual Knowledge to Arjuna and Arjuna experienced the Divine Light. One does not get a human birth again and again. Some people say that they have discovered the secrets of God by doing recitation and reading religious scriptures but, in fact, they are deluding themselves. It is written in ‘Dasbodh’ that learned scholars, who are ever busy reciting and reading scriptures, cannot know God and it is difficult to get them to understand. You can read a book about the Ganges, but unless you see that river with your own eyes, you cannot know it.
So, we should also acquire Spiritual Knowledge from the true Master, then meditate on Divine Light and remember Holy Name as much as possible to make our human life successful.



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