Indian Defense Forces - How to Crack the NUT

Now the time has changed. If we go by the statistics we can easily make out that earlier, people were not willing to join the Indian Defence Forces. If we analyse, the major reason behind such an atrocious statistics was that we did not have good salaries for the Defence Personnel. This was the major reason which forced the students to look up for the professional courses and to drop the idea of joining the Indian Defence Forces as career. But now the scenario has changed, after the sixth pay commision there is terrific shoot up in the pay scales and government has formulated special pay scales for the Defence Personnel. This is the spell bounding reason which is attracting students to choose Defence Forces as a career. More over money is not only the reason, there are other reasons also which have attracted the youth. These are as under:-

  • The Adventure, Thrill and the Enthusiasm which you get in Indian Defence Forces is Incredible.
  • The Pride and Honour of the UNIFORM is Unfathomable.
  • Indian Defence Forces Imbibes in you the spark to make everything possible, which is impossible.

So all these reasons show that how tough, is the competetion for getting selected into Indian Defence Forces. Let me tell you one thing, for getting selected into Indian Defence Forces does not only require rigorous study for cracking the written exam, along with this it requires 3-D's and OFFICERS LIKE QUALITIES (OLQ'S).

Despite of all the facts mentioned above the selection procedure for the Indian Defence Forces is standardize in terms of Quality. They never run for quantity but they run for quality, so there is no compromisation in Quality. The selection procedure for all the entries(NDA, CDS, SSC, etc) is same.

For cracking the whole NUT you have to go step by step. Heading towards the written then comes the SSB and after that medical and finally the merit list.

1.Officer Like Qualities

2. Screening Test

3. Psychology Test

4. Group Testing Officer Task

5. Interview

6. Pilot Aptitude Battery Test



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