Coronavirus Outbreak: Do You Disinfect Your Smartphone Regularly? If Not Start Doing It Every 90 Minutes

The World Health Organization (WHO) has declared the novel Coronavirus a global pandemic on 18th March 2020. This deadly virus has affected over 168 countries worldwide and has engulfed more than 21,000+ lives till now.  Our country has also been hit by the deadly effects of this virus and 500+ cases have been reported till date by the WHO. Therefore, at such a time, we all need to be vigilant and careful, and the most effective way of being careful is to disinfecting everything around you including your phone.

According to research published in 2018 by Insurance2Go, a gadget insurance provider company revealed that our smartphones’ screen has three times more germs than a toilet seat. You could imagine, how dirty our smartphone screens are and how dangerous it could be particularly at a time like this. Henceforth, doctors from all around the world and India are suggesting people clean their mobile phones every 90 minutes to prevent getting infected from the novel coronavirus.

Furthermore, Dr Jyoti Mutta, Senior Consultant, Microbiology at Sri Balaji Action Medical Institute says:

“In the time of fear of coronavirus, smartphones should also be disinfected with alcohol-based sanitizer rub. Pour a few drops of sanitizer on a tiny clean cotton pad and rub it safely on your entire phone.” She also added to her suggestion that “You can repeat this process every evening coming back home after an entire day out at work and once in the morning before going out.” Not only this, she especially emphasized on a particular recommendation by saying “Maintain basic cleanliness, and try to avoid using other’s phones especially if suffering from respiratory illness or flu-like symptoms as there is no other way to disinfect these regular gadgets.”

Cleaning our gadgets and other stuff is additional, but as the WHO suggests, the best way to combat Coronavirus is to wash your hands regularly. Washing hands is a pretty basic thing, but the WHO has released a handwashing protocol that needs to be followed when washing your hands. The instructions are pretty simple- Wash your hands for at least 20 seconds, clean in between fingers, the back of the hand, and under the fingernails.

Furthermore, everyone is taking part in this social cause including, the government, national and international health organizations, hospitals, doctors and trying their best to spread awareness. Therefore, we as individuals should adhere to those instructions and play our part by maintaining basic hygiene.

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