One day, the world needs the Power which can awaken the mankind so that society can get rid of the increasing devilish violence. Lord Rama killed Ravana, Lord Krishna killed the demonic Kansa, but today in every nook and corner you will find Ravanas and Kanshas. Unrest is so widespread but still people roam hither and thither for peace rather than searching for it within. A man goes to a temple in the morning as well as in the evening, he goes on pilgrimage, he fasts and prays, but even then the restlessness of his mind increases day by day and he gets more and more depressed. It is written in scriptures that if a man has the company of true saints, acquires Spiritual Knowledge, meditates and remembers Holy Name regularly, his life can be blissful.

Now is the period of Navratra. Today everyone will be worshipping the energy of the Holy Mother. There is a story that in ancient times, King Surat and Samadhi wanted boons. Saint and hermits advised them to do penance to have blessings from Goddess Durga. By doing so, King Surat got back his kingdom and Samadhi achieved the highest spiritual state. It all depends on the inner urge of an individual. The boon we get depends on our faith. A lot of devotees meet me. Some want success in business, someone asks for a son or a daughter,others ask for peace in their house. The intention with which we approach God determines what we get.

There is an episode in the Devi Bhagwat Puran that when Mahishasur won the throne of heaven from Indra, all the other gods and goddesses felt afraid and insecure. They all went to Lord Brahma. Lord Vishnu and Lord Shankar were already present there. The gods and goddesses prayed, “O Lord, we are being tormented by Mahishasur. He has taken over the throne of Indra and we are helpless. He will now rule with a devilish attitude and will harass the devotees.”

Lord Vishnu and Lord Shankar were furious and they decided that an incarnation of the Primordial Energy should come on this earth to wipe out Mahishasur. When all of them called on that Divine Energy, She manifested in the form of Light and having surrendered all their weapons to Her they prayed, “Divine Mother, we are tormented by one devilish sinner and only You can destroy him. So, please utilize your Power.” That Power killed Mahishasur and thus brought peace to the gods and goddesses.

Whenever demonic people came on earth, then that Divine Power also manifested in some form and today demonic forces are again prevalent. The mind contains both godly and demonic natures. We change according to the company we keep. St. Brahmanand said, “Niranjan mala ghat me phire din rat. Upar jawat niche awat, swans-swans chali jat. Sansari nar samjhat nahin, birtha umar wihat”: the natural rosary is moving up and down with every breath within us, but a worldly person does not understand this and wastes his life. A person wastes his time enjoying worldly things, but when he meets the spiritual Master he understands the natural rosary within. So Lord Krishna tells Arjuna, “Remember Me continuously.” But we should ask ourselves how can we remember God continuously? When we sleep, our eyes are closed, so our eyes cannot help us see or remember anything continuously. Similarly, when we sleep, our mouth is also closed and we cannot utter mantras - hence we cannot remember God continuously with our mouth or tongue. When we sleep, all our organs stop working, except the breath which goes on continuously even during sleep.

It is said that normally a human being breathes 21,600 times in 24 hours. When we acquire Spiritual Knowledge from the Master, we understand the importance of the breath. The human body has no guarantee. Whether it be beautiful, handsome or ugly, whether it belongs to a rich man or a poor man, it has to decay one day, but if we get the Spiritual Knowledge,If the king is spiritual then his subjects will not suffer. Our history is full of many instances of women of power, who gave birth to great warriors. Tulsi, Kabir, Ram, Krishna and all others are the gift of the feminine energy. Shri then Mata Ji used to quote, “Nari ninda mat karo, nari nar ki khan. Nari se paida huye, Dhruv, Prahlad saman”: Women must be respected, as it is women who gave birth to great souls like Dhruva and Prahlad.

Women have the power to turn their children into great and noble men like Shiva Ji, Maharana Pratap, Eklavya and Prahlad by giving them good education. If a child steals a pen from school and his mother doesn’t discourage him from doing such things, then one day that child may become a big criminal. But if his mother scolds and punishes him, he will not commit such crimes again and can become a good citizen. The Feminine Power is worshipped in our society and a mother is said to be a child’s first guru, because she can mould her child as she likes.

Guru Maharaj Ji has imparted the Spiritual Knowledge to us even in such a day and age of Kalikal and if we do not understand that knowledge then our human life will be wasted without any gains. So saints and Divine Personalities are needed. Only those devotees who have Knowledge and meditate regularly can understand the importance of the Spiritual Master. So, it is said, “Gyan anjan Satguru diya, agyan andher vinash. Hari kripa te sant bhentia, Nanak man Prakash.”Guru Nanak Dev Ji says that the words of the Master are instrumental for enlightening the mind. All great divine personalities tell us to seek Spiritual Knowledge and meditate. They teach and take all along the path of Knowledge. If every house has spiritual persons, if each community can have spiritual persons, then our society will be awakened and the times will change. Then, inside our house as well as outside in society; the environment will be peaceful like Satyuga, the Golden Age. So, tread the Spiritual Path, which is the fundamental purpose of human life as well as necessary for our well-being.

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