ur saints and even the Vedas say that we should know the Holy Name of God. That Name is present within everyone. The real and true purpose of human life is to know that Name, but how can we find it?  It is clearly mentioned in scriptures that only a living king or physician can come to our rescue in time of need. Likewise, only a living Spiritual Master can give us the Knowledge of Holy Name and Divine Light. It is also necessary for the seeker to take shelter in the true Master to make his life meaningful and successful. It is also written in our scriptures how we should approach the Master:
“Mohi kapat chhal chhidra na bhawa.
So nar mohin sapne nahin pawa.”
“I do not like deception and treachery. People harbouring such feelings cannot reach Me even in a dream.” So, one should give up trickery and insincerity and then go to the Spiritual Master. One must approach the Master with reverence and with an attitude of total surrender. As we need everything living, so we also need the living Master. How can a Master who is not presently living impart the Knowledge of the primordial Vibration and Divine Light? Only the living Master can impart such Knowledge.

At the end of our life, even wealth and family do not accompany us, but a realised person becomes immortal and coming generations revere him, because he becomes a source of inspiration for them. The realised person understands the value of human life and gets salvation. But consciousness is only awakened by Spiritual Knowledge – and the living Master alone can give us Spiritual Knowledge. One saint said,
“Aisi kari gurudev daya,
mera moh ka bandhan tor diya.”
“My Master showered such grace on me that he demolished the illusion which   had imprisoned me”. Satsang is the first stage in stabilising mind but only if it comes from a true Master.  These days you can hear talks claiming to be satsang which will actually trick and deceive you. So you must be alert and cautious so that you don’t get led astray in the name of satsang.
Without knowing God, one cannot sing His glory. Once a person gets Knowledge he becomes a human being in the real sense, because only then is he able to understand the meaning of ‘humanity’.
Ravana said that one should not postpone doing good until tomorrow as tomorrow never comes. This human body does not come with any guarantee. No one knows when his breaths will be exhausted. So we need Spiritual Knowledge and build up our spiritual merit by remembering the Holy Name. Just consider how many things a person requires to maintain his life and how many of his possessions actually accompany him as he leaves this world? We are born with closed fists and depart from this world
empty-handed. Then what is the purpose of this human life? The true purpose is to acquire
Self-Knowledge and to make one’s life meaningful. Mind is controlled by this Knowledge and there is nothing else in this world by which the mind can be controlled. No amount of charity or pilgrimage helps in treading the path of redemption, because to know the path of redemption is impossible without the Spiritual Knowledge.
The Holy Name of God is within everyone’s heart. Lord Krishna told Arjuna the same thing when he said that Spiritual Knowledge is covered by many sanskaras (karmic imprints) of a person like a child is covered by a membrane in his mother’s womb, or like fire is covered by smoke and a mirror is covered by dust. He further said, “Since you are my devotee, I want to give this Knowledge to you.” Even though the Knowledge is within one’s heart,
he lives his entire life in darkness due to ignorance. So, everyone must know Spiritual Knowledge.

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