Know The Importance Of Human Life

What is the purpose of listening to satsang? A farmer ploughs his fields and puts in a lot of labour into cultivating them and only then does he get good yields. Similarly, we should listen to satsang and reflect upon what the Master wants us to know.  We shall achieve the real purpose of satsang when we think about it and walk the path according to the guidance given there. Family and possessions are available in abundance even in the houses of sinners. But the true purpose of a human life is to acquire Spiritual Knowledge, remember the Holy Name of God and meditate.

Until our last breath we should keep the same yearning for realisation that we had at the time of initiation. Then only do we really enjoy meditation. The great devotee Prahlad was tormented a lot but this did not bother him at all and he easily put up with all troubles and hindrances. He had total faith that devotion to God is supreme. To make him even more firm in devotion, God tested him. He passed the  test and abandoned even his kingdom.

Many devotees remember Holy Name and meditate but get confused when problems and difficulties arise. Who does not suffer in life? Pleasure and pain is all part of the routine of life. We should neither be afraid of pain nor get attached to worldly pleasures. Only due to ignorance do we suffer in pain or get puffed up in pleasure. You all have heard about the story of the Pandavas. Lord Krishna was with them but even then they suffered a lot. They did not however abandon Lord Krishna. You have read the history of Lord Rama. How much he suffered!

It is true that one day everyone of us has to depart from this world, but those who remember the Holy Name, achieve the highest purpose of human life.

Today, wherever you see, there is unrest and disturbance all around. Who is responsible for such a dreadful situation? Mankind alone is responsible for all this. When and how will it come to an end? When peace is established. Each person has to search for the true path himself. Those who are peaceful do not create any disturbance. A man will be peaceful only if his mind is thinking about God, remembering Holy Name, doing meditation and listening to satsang. The bliss of satsang will give peace and then one can be protected.

You may have heard about Ravana.  When he started doing sinful things like tormenting the gods, his own father renounced him. He would harass and annoy women ascetics. He even kidnapped Sita, the Mother of Creation. It is true that when a person’s time is up his brains don’t function. Everyone knows how Ravana met his fate. Even today, people burn his effigy every year.
An ordinary person is entangled in his domestic problems and worries. Family problems become his pyre. Then he cannot do devotion. But just remember that when a man dies, his family continues on. Those whom you call your own will be left behind in this world and you will have to depart from here alone. You may or may not be reborn in favourable circumstances.  Human life is unique in the sense that a person can perform actions as well as enjoy the results.
When Sudama went to visit Lord Krishna, the Lord wept to see his pitiable condition. If the Lord comes to you, how will you identify him? What yardstick, what reference point do you have to identify that Power? He is identified by his Knowledge. But that knowledge is beyond the limits of any language and the Spiritual Master of the present time alone can impart it.ll

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