Get married with oomph with Sohan Lal and Sons

Sohan Lal and Sons, a pioneer name in the field of wedding services, renders to a wide range of clientele since its inception. The events, occasions and all the celebrations are made extremely and truly special by the professionals of the Sohan Lal and Sons Wedding Service providers. Wedding services like Band Troupe, Fireworks Services, Musical Services, Events Decoration, Flower Chattar, Fancy Lighting, Ghori, Baggi, and Dhol, among other in relation to Weddings, festivals and other joyous ceremonies are being rendered for a perfect and extremely exemplary arrangements.


All the services are carried out by trained professionals and experienced members of the team who all are well trained and guided in their respective fields with keeping in mind the choice and preference of the client and the customer.  Due to their punctuality, expertise in their domain and reliability of flawless ceremony conduction, the band has always been a clients' favorite.

Services offered are like :


  • Ghori

The Ghoris at Sohan Lal and Sons are the finest-bred mares that are snowy white in color, strong, disciplined and are intelligent animals;
With provision of ideal Ghoris to weddings since 1955, they have a legacy to maintain.

  • Baggi

They have original Victoria chariots ranging back from 1955. Offering Baggi’s/Chariots for various occasions which are custom decorated as per the occasion.

  • Chhattar

A Beautifully Decorated chattar (Grand Umbrella) adds a regal touch to your wedding Baraat. While also serving the purpose of marking out the groom distinctly, the chattar emphasizes the oomph factor of the overall procession.

  • Band & Dhol

With a wide range of classical, cultural and traditional beats in the array, the band turns the Baraat and wedding into an event of musical soirée.

  • Doli

The Doli for the bride is decorated on the basis of the color of the bride's attire and the overall ambiance around your wedding. With aromatic and beautiful flowers adorning the Doli, it is both a visual and sensual treat. The Doli-Bearers are also decked out in attires suiting the atmosphere.


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