Dine lavishly at Rosebud

Rosebud, a restaurant which is dedicated to the quality of food which they prepare whole heartedly and with utmost precision, the restaurant is located at Vatika Business Park, Unit No. 2 & 3, Ground Floor, Tower A, Sohna Rd, Sector 49, Gurugram, Haryana 122018; a restaurant which keenly offers the most delicious and innovative dishes of various kinds. The restaurant has both the options of open dining and closed which not only embraces an amazing fine dining setting but also an amazing choice of menu.

Rosebud, a restaurant which strives hard to get the taste of a home cooked food, and assures that the taste reaches the expectations of food lovers.

Delicious food is something which makes the life interesting and without it life is boring. They bring about the best dining, best service, and best food on the table. Let it be too hot summer or clattering winter, the food at Rosebud will leave one with the luxurious memories of food. It is hard to leave the table after one starts the meal.

The menu of the restaurant is designed according to the very tastes and preference of the customers.

The whole menu of Rosebud is inspired by the great taste of France and India, which takes out the best of all. The staff is extremely courteous and is experienced enough to know how to deal with the customers in right and just manner.

Rosebud is a restaurant which not only concentrates on satisfying the customers but also takes care of the needs of a diner at the restaurant.


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