D'Decor Gurgaon : A Blinds Gallery Like No Other.

Around the bustling roads of Aya Nagar, a signboard with the name D'Decor catches your eye even at high speeds, such is the intensity of the color black and grace of white which defines the brand D'decor. The store itself has a story to tell and one can know how much hard work is put into it to beat the competition nearby when you meet the owner. Rahul Anand, A perfect gentleman with jolly nature having an eye for finest details. He knows what's the one most important thing to thrive i.e Customer Satisfaction. 

The D'decor showroom boasts of all varieties that are on offer but the end consumer experience is what they have sorted out. The whole staff believes in the mantra of "customer satisfaction" The ExplainoExpo team visited the store for overhauling their already delightful setup. We were greeted with luxury and then were showcased some of the finest products on offer with complete guidance on what to use and where to use. The staff was exceptional. 

Although we knew that D'decor makes beautiful and elegant products but the staff is what makes it a brand and under the able leadership of Rahul Anand they blossomed. It took us around an hour or two to get things sorted for our setup. This release is just a token of appreciation of what they are doing and how people in the business should follow them. 



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