Adtomart Launches New Mobile App

Adtomart launches a new mobile app on which one can post their ads for free. The app lets you post the free video ads too without any cost. With the help of the app you can personalize your ads in a way that your audience will be more interested in your products. You can actually post ads on the app depending upon the audience’s past purchasing history and preferences. Additionally, you can make targeted offers depending on the customer purchasing behaviours.

Posting classified ads on the app also creates an opportunity for you to build long term relationships that will steer your business into great heights of achievement. Once you get enquiries following your ads, you can send a follow up email and initiate communication with the customer. This communication may grow into a long-term relationship to the benefit of both parties.

One of the major benefits of ad posting is the ability to update content regularly. Once you post an ad on newspaper classifieds, you don’t have the opportunity to alter your content.

However, you can modify online ads with the help of the app whenever there is need to update the information. Generating leads is a major concern of businesses online. To this end, this app provides an opportunity to generate traffic easily. This is so because for instance, once a person clicks on your ad on the classifieds ad, they are directed to the corresponding landing page. They hasten the process of lead conversion which in turn boosts the sales volumes and Return on Investment. The ability to use as much content as you wish is one of the great advantages of classifieds online.

Classified ads on newspapers are offered in limited content amounts due to space issues. This does not happen with online classified websites. Here, you can post elaborate descriptions of whatever you are advertising without worrying about the amount of content used.


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