The self description test, also known as self appraisal is the last part of the psychology. The name of the test itself defines its meaning i.e. the candidate has to describe himself. SDT is based upon knowing thyself and in this test candidate can write about himself - his merits, demerits and what his friends and other feel about him, without any restrictions. In-fact, SDT helps the psychologist in taking the confirmation of the candidate’s personality assessed on the basis of TAT, WAT & SRT.


In SDT, candidate is asked to write his parent's opinion, teacher's opinion, friend's opinion and self opinion of himself.

The time given for self appraisal is 15 minutes. Moreover, candidate should give a true picture of his personality otherwise psychologist can catch him red handed.

The total time duration of SDT is 15 minutes.

Candidate has to write his appraisal for each heading which has been asked in the Test. 

Enlisted are the points on which a candidate is asked to write in the distributed forms.

  1. What your parents think about you?
  2. What your friends think about you?
  3. What your teachers think about you?
  4. What do you think of yourself?
  5. What sort of a person you want to become in your life?

Therefore, for SDT it is always suggested that the candidates must observe the comments made about them by their parents, friends, teachers or they may directly enquire to them. He must not underestimate or overestimate himself. Rather, a candidate must give balance output in order to get success in SDT.

Below, we are providing a Solved Example Set for Self Description Test for the sake of better understanding of the candidates but candidates must practice more to expertise themselves in this test.




1. Parent’s Opinion- My parents love me extremely and they have very high expectations from me. I really respect them from the core of my heart than anyone else. They think that I am a very determined and responsible child. They consider me their good son who will definitely bring name and fame to the family. That is why I try to live up to their expectations.


2. Teacher’s Opinion- I was a very sincere student in the eyes my teachers. They consider me a well mannered, punctual and obedient student. I have been very co-operative in the school and participated in all the co-curricular activities. They never doubted or hesitated in delegating me the control of any event in the school as I was good at managing the things effectively and efficiently. Moreover, they think that I can do exceptionally well in the co-curricular activities than academics.


3. Friend’s Opinion- I have a small friend circle. My friends often say that I am a very jolly fellow. They always motivate and appreciate my abilities. They always call me to help whenever they get trapped in a problem. Some of them say, that I am very talkative but they knew it’s just because I like to enjoy and they love it too.


4. Self-opinion- I think I am a determined, dynamic and hard-working boy who does his work successfully. I am confident enough and honest to myself and others around me. Whenever I m free, I take pride in exploring something new and helping my parents. I have few negligible weaknesses. I respect my elders and always try my level best to adhere their suggestions. Photography, travelling, doing adventurous things are my hobbies. I am of a very jolly nature and want to live a successful life.


5. Aim in life and Qualities I would like to develop- I would like to the top officer in Indian Army through extreme hard work and good efforts. That is why I want to improve the capabilities of my outdoor activities. I would like to handle my day to day affairs and group of people effectively and efficiently. Finally, I would like to learn from the experiences of the prudent personalities so as to enhance my overall personality.

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