Word Association Test


Word Association Test is another projective method used by the psychologist to unearth one's personality. WAT, in fact, is a test of creativity and imagination. Through this technique the psychologist examines the four attributes of psychology i.e. behavior, motivation, cognition and attention. WAT proves to be very beneficial in determining the attitude and emotional feelings of the candidate because it represents the natural thought process (unconscious mind) of the candidate i.e. WAT seeks the very first thought which comes to the mind of the candidate on seeing a word.


  In WAT, a series of 60 words is shown to the candidate one by one on the projector and he is asked to form a meaningful sentence. Each word is shown for 15 seconds and within this time limit, the candidate first has to see the word and then he has to pen down his thought in the form of a meaningful sentence.


1.  Total time duration for WAT is 15 minutes and 15 seconds.

2.  60 words are shown one after another.

3.  Time for each word is 15 Seconds.

4.  After 20th and 40th words, there is a brake of 15 seconds so that candidate can shift to the next page.

   There is a 4-fold action performed within 15 seconds :- Look at the word; Think of the first idea that comes to your mind; Create a complete sentence based upon first idea and finally write the correct and qualitative sentence against the correct word number.

 Below, we are providing a Solved Sample Example Set for WAT for the sake of better understanding of the candidates but candidates must practice more to expertise themselves in this test.

Useful Links:-

Sample Word Association Test

Candidates can practise the Word Association Test with the help of the video attached below.


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