Heart Transplant: A new life, literally

When the best heart transplant surgeon in Delhi advise you on the heart transplant, then you have to trust Dr. Kewal Krishan without wasting much of your time. It is good to get heart transplant instead of trying some other treatments, which will prove fatal or become very life-threatening. The 11 LVAD operations he has successfully completed are a testimony to the statement.

Who’s Eligible for a Heart Transplant?

Dr. Kewal Krishan, the prominent heart transplant surgeon, will initially check the medical condition and reports of a patient and suppose he qualifies in test results to have transplant then he might get attended by panel of the professionals that include cardiologist, the cardiovascular surgeon, dietician, transplant coordinator, and psychiatrist who will together check each minute detail of patient’s heart transplant method.

Most important thing one needs to know, including the patient is it is just a heart that isn’t functioning at the normal pace. An only reason he’s allowed to have the transplant is that rest other functions of the body have been normal. Thus, he will just be healed and not be going through a living hell. Even though it appears dilapidating to know that the heart you stayed with so many years is going to be replaced by the donor’s heart, the good news is that the new heart will extend your possibility to live longer. Thus, say hello to life and other things leave it to the professionals.

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Why Dr. Kewal Krishan?

Dr. Kewal Krishan is a well-known heart transplant surgeon in Delhi. He has an accomplished medical team who will coordinate with the patient from the inception of thought of the heart transplant till his complete recovery from this transplant method.

What happens during Heart Transplant?

A medical team will comprise of heart transplant specialist Dr. Kewal Krishan, anesthetists and support staff. Entire procedure might take 3 to 5 hours. As donor heart will be stored over 6 hours the transplant procedure should be done within stipulated time.

After Heart Transplant:

The first dose of the immune suppressant will be given before the surgery. The patient is then shifted to the high dependency area where he’s completely infection free. The antibiotics and immunosuppressants are then given in the high doses. There’s a possibility of weight gain just after the transplant which is controlled by the exercising strictly with help of a trainer. The high steroids doses might lead to mood swings in patients. Echocardiogram and biopsy are periodically conducted to make sure that the heart is functioning nicely. The periodic follow up will be essential, says Dr. Kewal Krishan, to monitor the healthy state of new heart. By rehabilitation programmes & physiotherapy sessions, patients will be advised on the healthy lifestyle after the transplant.

Dr. Kewal Krishan is the most prominent heart transplant surgeon in Delhi. Monitoring and ensuring that patient is on road to recovery right from the beginning he registers for the heart transplant till the transplant is completed successfully. As it is a major surgery and complications can arise, surgeons operating upon patients keep the strict vigil on patients to achieve success.

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