Dr Manoj Kumar Sharma addressed Radiation Oncology in Afghanistan

Dr Manoj Kumar Sharma is an oncologist who understands Cancer from a multi-disciplinary outlook. Being a senior specialist with approximately 15 years of expertise in the field of operating cancer, he has excellent insight and a proper understanding of disease from a multi-disciplinary prospect.


After pursuing his fellowship in Proton therapy from New Jersey, lately he came up with an exceptional form of radiation therapy that is used for treating primary as well as metastatic cancers. This technique is quite different from conventional radiation therapy. Dr. Manoj keeps on conducting various sessions on different types of cancers. He actively participates in several live sessions,he was a member of the a live session of Head and Neck Tumor that was held in RGCON in 2015.


He has a well-reputed name not only in India but across the globe. He has been requested to visit Afghanistan for considering the issue of cancer. Various doctors from diverse countries were called to the meeting. On 30th July 2019, he had a concerning discussion with Deva Samad, deputy minister of planning and policymaking, Afghanistan. They had a debate concerning radiation cancer facility in Kabul. Dr Manoj gave informational discourses on the symptoms and causes of cancer. As Afghanistan is a developing country, they don't have access to technologically advanced exceptional treatment. He explained in depth about the factors causing disease and how to stay protected and healthy to evade cancer in any form. A cancer check-up camp was organised for honourable Dr. Manoj Kumar Sharma in Jamhoryat tertiary hospital. He observed many patients there and gave them proper directions regarding cancer. It must be a moment of honour for Mr. Manoj to serve the general public.


As he a specialist of Radiation Oncology, he addressed people about the field of radiation oncology. It incorporates the integration of radiation therapy into multimodal treatment approaches. Radiation Oncology is one medical speciality which encircles the controlled use of radiation for combating cancer. It can be used either for cure or for lessening the pain.


Dr Manoj is a pioneer in the field of Oncology. Radiation therapy can be immediately and cautiously applied to an extensive range of cancer. It costs less than 9 cents of the total health care that is consumed on managing cancer overall.

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