What is a heart attack and more: Q and A session with Dr. Viveka Kumar

Everybody is familiar with the term Heart attack but there is less awareness in people about the same. Some people misinterpret heart attack as a disease that happens without any specific reason and others are confused about how it happens. A heart attack is a disease that works on your body within seconds and makes it collapse in no time. Therefore, people need to be informed about this disease and how they can save themselves and others in such a situation.

Dr Viveka Kumar is a very experienced Cardiologist, and Principal Director & Chief of Cath Labs (Pan Max) – Cardiac Sciences at Max Super Speciality Hospital, Saket, New Delhi. He answered all the questions a common man could have about Heart Attack in a local TV program that is worth sharing to spread awareness about the disease. 

Q. Can a heart attack occur by listening to bad news or shocking news?

"A heart attack occurs due to the rupture of blood vessels. It happens because the fats and cholesterol accumulated in the blood vessels weaken the vessels and arteries. These weakened arteries are prone to rupture when introduced with a shocking situation or stress. However, this is not the only reason for heart attack, it can also occur because of hormonal disbalance in the body. Other common reasons for a heart attack are lack of physical activity, excessive exercise, smoking or excessive exposure to air pollution." 

Q: What is the main reason for heart attack?

"The heart attack is a lifestyle disease and it can be prevented by just changing our lifestyles. After the age of 20, every human begins to develop cholesterol within their bodies which also is known as plague. It mainly happens because of eating fried foods, lack of exercise, smoking, high sugar and salt intake. Also, he suggests that it can be prevented by avoiding these foods and adopting a healthy lifestyle."


Q: Can heart attack occur in youths or just old people are prone to this disease?

"Yes! It can occur in young people as well. Hence, he recommends having a balanced diet and skip the sugar and saturated fat-rich foods daily. "

Finally, we can say that a heart attack is a lifestyle disease that can occur in both young and old. Therefore, eating a balanced and healthy diet is the key to prevent yourself from against this disease. Not only this, but a heart attack is also a disease that brings other diseases like high blood pressure and diabetes with it. So eat right and make necessary changes in your lifestyle to reduce your risk of getting a heart attack.


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