Choose Action Eva flotters for additional health care

Awarded as leading power brand of India, Action Eva has been delivering niche products to its customers for years. Billions of people have been choosing Action Eva for their better health. Customers get a distinct range of multicoloured and relaxed slippers for men, women and kids. Action Eva is one flawless combination of style and comfort that are amazing for your health. Ample variety of products is available to meet anyone’s choice. Uniquely designed floaters are available for the kids with their favourite cartoon characters.


Never let your shoes become an obstacle in the way of your happiness. Comfortable footwear plays an essential role in maintaining your health. Nearly 85% of the population undergo from foot-related issues, and specific issues have a direct impact on the everyday lives of people. Wearing inappropriate shoes for an extended period of time can contribute to obesity or several other health injuries.


Action Eva footwears have plenty of arch support to help the body with alignment. No one can deny this fact that everything starts from the feet; they carry our weight, it's injurious to be blindfolded to them. The foot is the base of our body; Action Eva helps in providing proper assistance to the feet that evenly distributes the body weight. Wearing Eva will relieve pain and pressure in different body parts.


It has been proven that good shoes and arch support can work as an alternative medicine for several injuries. Feet, hips, back and knees injuries can be prevented by a proper pair of shoes. Eva floaters are a great way to start, fix all sorts of problem with perfect footwear selection. Eva has proven to be an ideal fit for women, men and kids, provides perfect arch support for the ailments. The sole focus of the employees is to ensure that the customers stay cozy and comfy.

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