Delicious Keto Recipe- A Guide for Caregivers


Diet is one understated and overlooked entity in the management of any disorder. Gluten sensitivity, celiac disease, obesity, epilepsy, dementia, and several such conditions benefit from a ketogenic diet. Epilepsy is one neurological disorder that can be controlled effectively through medicines in most of the cases. Some cases can be taken through surgery also, but it is not suitable for all the candidates.

In ancient time, prolonged periods of fasting were commonly used for treating epilepsy. Ketogenic Diet was introduced in 1920. People widely acquired it. In 1940, AED therapy provided a more accessible and more effective form of treatment. In India, the Ketogenic Diet was started in 1996 by Dr Janak Nathan after training at Johns Hopkins Hospital. The Ketogenic diet is a scientifically monitored high fat and low carbohydrate diet that is used for the treatment of uncontrolled epilepsy in children and adults.

Very low carbohydrates are present in this diet that forces the body to acquire high fat as a source of energy. Fat is then converted into ketone bodies in the liver, and these elevated level of the ketone bodies that are present in the blood leads to a state called ketosis that helps in reducing the seizures.

The diet comprises of 60-70% fat and 30% of protein 10% of CHO.

According to various studies, children who go on a diet have noticeable 50% reduction in seizure, and almost 15% became seizure-free.

If the diet helps reduce the seizure, then it should be used for two years. If the diet isn't decreasing the seizure, then it will be stopped, and other treatment modalities can be tried.

Delicious Keto recipes is a handful book coming directly from renowned medical institute AIIMS. As it is difficult to start a keto diet in India beacuse of less availability of the required ingrediants. The book will provide practical aspects of making a diet as Indian recipes. The ingrediants suggested in the recipes are common and easily available in the Indian markets. Described preparation methods are practical and easy, totally suitable according to the Indian taste.  The utterly delicious ketogenic recipes will make you forget that you are on a diet.

As all the minerals and vitamins are not found in a balanced diet, one must ensure supplementation at the beginning of the diet. Conspitaion is usual that can be resolved by including high fibre vegetables. The patient must have at least 2 litres of water. Although, Side effects of keto are not known, but health benefits are incredible.

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