Sri Balaji Action Medical Institute: Healing With Human Touch

Sri Balaji Action Medical Institute is one prominent medical Institute that has been established to provide world-class integrated healthcare facilities to all the parts of society without being biased. Whether rich or poor, all will be treated with humanitarian touch. It has been successful in maintaining high standards of ethical practices and professional competencies. SBAMI emphasized training and education that leads to innovation and research. The primary aim of this medical Institute is to provide free medical care to the pauper and the impoverished people. It has a vision to run this Institute based on no profit and no loss basis. Lala Mange Ram Agarwal promotes the Institute under the aegis of Action Group of Companies. The chairman is a great philanthropist that had a great desire to build a hospital to serve humanity.

Enthusiastic doctors held public health camps globally for improving the status of community health. The welfare of the patient and their recovery is one of the core catalyst function of the hospital. The vision is to create patient-centric healthcare that aims to utilise leading-edge technology with a touch of humanity. The philosophy of the Institute is visible from its logo; the healing touch will brighten up the lives of the patients.

Along with this tremendous medical Institute, they have several other hospitals and clinics such as Action Cancer Hospital, Sri Balaji Hospital, Hisar, Ginni Devi Action School of Nursing and Balaji Ashram at Vrindavan. SBAMI has successfully treated more than 10 lakh patients; It has 250+ beds with more than 300 doctors and almost 40+ specialities to treat you with perfection. Wellness packages are available throughout the year and free medical campaigns are organised as well. 

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