Our very own hot shots  will be seen in the film "102 Not Out" playing the roles of son and father. While Big B plays the role of a 102-year-old father, Rishi lays the role of his son, who is 75 years old. This film is entirely based upon the gujarati play having the same name. It is directed by Umesh Shukla who has directed many entertaining and blockbusters like ‘Oh My God’, ‘Dhoondte Reh Raoge’ and ‘All Is Well’.  You will also see the actors in the film speaking a little gujarati which adds up to the taste of the film.

Ironicallly, this film started the shooting on may 17th and will continue till this month. The next schedule will be in July and the shooting will conclude at the end of the month. Concurrently, these actors have also been actively tweeting about how they are feeling while working with each other again.


Many believe that if there’s anyone who is in an interesting career phase right now, it is Rishi Kapoor and amitabh bacchan together.

Hitherto, these actors have also been experimenting some very devastating sense of looks and roles and dynamic characters . Both of these actors will now finish about 50 years in the industry!

This film is planned to be released world wide. This film will se bacchan and kapoor reunite on the screen after 27 long years as these stars had long been in controversies for some very nominating objections. This movie is entirely based upon Amitabh Bachchan trying to break the record of being the oldest man on earth and the rishi kapoor being an ultimate struggle in between. Umesh shukla also revealed that there are no lead charcters in this film. This movie also has great and fabulous songs made by known stars like  Salim Sulaiman, Armaan mallik, Sonu nigam, Javed Ali. Amitabh Bacchan himself has also sung in this film. Well, fans of the actors can brace themselves as the duo is set to grace the silver screen together once again with their upcoming film '102 Out Not', which is set to hit the theatres on May 4, 2018.

This movie is surely going to hit up in the theatres and go a blockbuster because of various ironic views of this film.

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