Bharti Singh and other co-actors show concerns about Kapil Sharma’s Health

After Kapil Sharma’s twitter rant controversy, Bharti Singh, Kiku Sharda and his co-actors broke their silence and showed their concerns about his health. It should be noted that last week Kapil Sharma showed his rage and frustration on Twitter publicly by using some very disturbing and extreme words. After that, the comedian is facing a lot of criticism from his haters as well as his fanbase. Also, a few days before, he did the same by arguing with his former co-actor and comedian Sunil Grover on Twitter. These two controversies defamed his public image and reputation.

After achieving the heights of name and fame, Kapil Sharma’s name comes regularly in the Bollywood magazines and news regarding new conflicts. Quite a while ago, Kapil Sharma reportedly slapped Sunil Grover and unfair behavior with his actors.

Just a day after his latest Twitter controversy, Kapil’s ex-girlfriend Preeti Simoes claimed that the star comedian is suffering from mental stress and depression. She blamed his current girlfriend for this. Recently, the famous comedian Bharti Singh also broke her silence and told the media about Kapil Sharma’s degrading health.

Bharti told Bollywoodlife, “What is happening with Kapil is very depressing. It breaks my heart to see a man who made us all laugh so much down and out like this. But that is the reality, a man who makes everyone smile around him, is a sad soul within. I really pray that he comes out of this ordeal soon. He is a very polite person and we don’t know what is happening right now. I just want him to take a long break. Kapil Bhai should relax now. He needs a long vacation in a place where he has no pressure. He should get back only when he feels like it. Our best wishes are always with him. And trust me, no one can beat Kapil when he is in full form. He is better than the best.”

Along with Bharti Singh, Kiku Sharda, Arshi Khan, Sugandha Mishra, Shilpa Shinde and Krishna Abhishek also expressed concerns about his health.

Kiku Sharda told the media in a conference that all of us has seen Kapil Sharma and the way that he made us laugh and spread happiness. He told that Kapil is going through some tough times and all of us along with media should leave him alone for some time and give him some space to regain his former composure.

Sugandha Mishra also said that she knew a different and a lot better Kapil Sharma than what we are seeing today. According to her, sudden name, fame, and stardom made him lose his temper and control over the situation. She also said that this result is because of some bad choices he made. She said that Kapil is like a kid and Preeti Simoes knew how to handle him well.

This fact cannot be denied that Kapil Sharma is a very nice person who made all of us laugh and it is very sad to see him in this state. His show has treated as a medicine for many people and acted as an escape from the normal boring life.

But due to his mental stress, his current show Family Time with Kapil has been suspended because of his downfall in health and the show ratings.

Let us hope that Kapil Sharma regains his popularity, charisma, composure and he starts to spread smiles on everyone’s faces like he used to.

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