RKG Snooker: A Platform for Cue Sports

Ravindra Kumar Gupta founded the Delhi Billiards and Snooker Association in Delhi in the year 1977, when he was merely of 29 years. He on the behalf of his association organized the world Billiards Amateur Championship in 1981. He is sponsoring the lone genius player of India, i.e. Aditya Mehta in professional circuit. He is passionate about the cue sports since an early age. He had played the game with utmost dedication and always desired to have launched RKGSnooker.com website which provides all ins and outs with all latest news of the cue sports of the international level. Not only news and happenings but the website also provides some interesting facts about the sports including the history of the sports and details of various famous players. The achievements and birthdays of the players with blogs and articles referring to ranking and other related data are provided on the website.

Cue Sports, also known as billiard sports is a sport of skill which is internationally established and is famous worldwide. RKGSnooker.com, strives hard to take the game on the level similar to that of the world. In India the game of snooker is not given much importance and hence the cue sports enthusiast Mr. Ravindra Kumar Gupta decided to work on a website which is totally devoted to this sport.

The website keeps one well informed about the tournaments, players’ performance and all the necessary news related to any event.

Other than just keeping the cue sport enthusiasts up to date, RKGSnooker.com helps in knowing the game better with better insights and in depth knowledge. The website not only aims to promote the players but also aims to provide information to the youth who wants to pursue cue sport but because of less awareness become skeptical and drops the idea of going forward. This website is designed to help youngsters and the enthusiasts to know better about the cue sports.

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