Now, let’s discuss about the second sub test i.e. Picture Perception and Discussion Test. It is one of the most important projection tests in screening as the real performance of the candidate lies here only.
In this, candidates will be shown a black and white hazy picture for 30 seconds and then asked to frame their own story within 4 minutes on the basis of the picture by keeping few points in the mind:

  • Age
  • Sex
  • Character
  • Mood
  • Past (what he has done)
  • Present (what is going on in the story)
  • Future (what will he do)

  Afterwards, each candidate will be given one minute time to narrate their own story individually.


1. Candidates should always frame the story from what they have perceived from the picture.

2. Always try to frame the positive story. Candidates can relate their own life experiences and events to the picture. Firstly, write about the tragic past, some hard work/efforts and finally wind up by giving a positive conclusion.

3. Follow the time limit to write the story. Do not unnecessarily elaborate the story. The story should be clubbed within 80-100 words.

4.  Don’t forget to write the number of characters in the story, sex, age, mood and action in the rectangular box provided in the answer sheet.


 The candidate is to write a story based on impulse provided in the picture broadly under the following heads –

  •  Consider the slide as a frame of movie and yourself as one of the character in the movie
  •  As a matter of fact candidates should be the hero itself who actually executes an action –
  •  Through the action of the hero the officer like qualities of candidates are projected.
  •  Story’s standard in terms of problem, solution directly reflects a candidate’s personality.
  •  What led to the situation?
  •  The current action going on?
  •  What is going to be the outcome?
  •  Concentrate on the picture for 30 seconds so that the candidates do not miss the important details which are vital for the story writing.
  •  Imagine a plot around character and scene projected.
  •  Plot should ideally be clear, realistic, and original.

Before practicing the PPDT, candidates must take the print or Download the PPDT Answer Sheet.






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