Say these 7 things for a happier relationship.

To keep the love and passion alive in a relationship, there are certain things which couples should say to each other. Saying these 7 things will not only make your relationship happier but also full of romance and passion.

I LOVE YOU:  It is very important to express your love for your partner and keep reminding them how special and important they are for you. Saying these 3 magical words become even more important after spending few years together.

I SUPPORT YOU: Make your partner know that you support them and always have their back. Encourage whatever they do and always stand with them. This will make your bond even more strong and long lasting.

WE'LL WORK ON IT TOGETHER: Never leave your partner's side and work as a team rather than working individually. Take challenges together rather than playing the blame game.

I'M SORRY: Admitting your mistake and apologizing is the way to a happy relationship. Don't hold on to your pride because letting your ego get the better of you and refusing to admit mistakes can damage your relationship.

YOU LOOK REALLY BEAUTIFUL/HOT/SEXY: Compliment your partner for the new dress they are wearing or their new haircut or their new look. As the years roll on, you need to keep your passion ignited and this is an easy way to do it.

THANK YOU: Appreciate the little things that your partner do for you. Showing appreciation is integral to a happy relationship. Thank them each time when they went out of the way to make you feel special and important.

I HEAR YOU: Say these words when your partner is sharing something important with you or during an argument between you two. It's important that you listen to their perspective rather than ignore it. Doing this strengthens your bond and safeguards your relationship from a rift.

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