Creativity for the needy: Action Eva distributes footwear to Fani hit civilians

Everything seems to be like the end of everything when a natural disaster hits a place. The geographical, social, psychological and philosophical effect on each human’s mind is again much hindering. Sometimes, the disasters cannot be prevented, neither can the fatality rate be controlled but step can be taken to extend a helping hand to all those who are affected and pull them out of the muddy phase to which, the affected people somehow start to relate and learn to live with it.

Recently the state of Orissa got hit by a severe tropical cyclone destroying as many as 20,367 villages in 14 coastal districts, also, the cyclone affected 1.6 crore people and damaged 1.88 lakh hectares of agricultural land leaving the civilians in utter despair and in a situation beyond mending. The cyclone destroyed numerous dreams and n number of houses.

Action Eva Flotter has recently took a step further with utmost creativity so as to provide as much aid possible for the affected people in the Fani affected state. With the help of an online contest they roped in amazingly huge no. of audience which in turn resulted to the distribution of the same no. of footwear in the state.


 At this time when the countrymen and the fellow civilians needs help, this act of kindness has turned out to be the one worth applauding. Their decision to give out footwear was amazingly distinct but wise at the same time as footwear can keep one clean and can secure a person from different type of insects and organisms which all enter into the human bio diversity with dirty water and can cause numerous diseases which all can also be hazardous.

This thoughtful and supportive act by Action Eva Flotter has really encouraged the affected people over there to strive, fight and rebuild whatever they have lost.                                                           

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