Become a professional Trust and Estate Planner with AAFM

Chartered Trust and Estate planner does not just plans for what happens to the property after one dies; it also plans out things for what will happen to you and your property if you become mentally incapacitated. Many times mental disability planning is either not discussed or only touched upon during the estate planning process. This is a mistake since statistics show that while people are living longer, they are not necessarily living healthier. Aside from this, accidents can happen at any time that can render you incapable of making personal and financial decisions. Therefore, your estate plan should address both planning for incapacity and planning for death.

Chartered Trust and Estate Planners do not just make money but they also protect the property which one has acquired during one’s life and pass it on intact to those one prefers to or love, after the demise of the concerned person.  The planner ensures that what one has, gets to the people they love, the way they want, when they want.

If one has fallen ill, injured, incapacitated, or pass away today, how are you certain that your personal and financial affairs will be taken care of the way you want?  Estate planners allows one to legally ensure that the personal and financial matters will be handled the way one want, by whomsoever they want, in accordance with the specific instructions.

Estate planning can be learned by anyone from AAFM.  It doesn’t matter at what level of career one is.


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