A Certification With AAFM India Can land you a six figures salary

AAFM stands for The American Academy of Financial Management; it is a Worldwide Board of Standards and professional commercial organization that provides exclusive certified designations, charters, and masters certification to candidates. It has set its Indian Chapter American Academy of Financial Management India Private Limited, aiming to improve Wealth management and financial advisory in the country. They aim to serve its global membership and stakeholders as a world leader in educating and reinforcing the international knowledge of executives and the potential leadership of financial-based institutions. Some of its leading courses are-

Charted Wealth Management

A wealth manager is a subset of financial advisor that serves the high net worth; in other words, managing is needed by people with wealth. The role of a wealth manager is far more comprehensive than merely offering client investment advice. It is an investment advisory discipline that inculcates financial planning, investment portfolio, and aggregated financial services. CWM certification opens a variety of doors.


Accredited Financial Analyst

This certification is designed to develop the required skills by Financial Analyst, Equity Analyst, and Research analyst for executing required functions that are related to Financial statement analysis, Corporate Finance, Equity Research, Investment analysis, and financial modeling. Being a financial analyst is one of the most conventional career pathways in finance. One can work in a range of industries. A financial analyst makes business recommendations for an organization.


Charted Trust and Estate Planner

In this, students will get to know about estate planning, inheritance planning, and asset repositioning services. One can easily offer expert guidance on succession planning, wills and probates, asset protection trusts, special child protection strategies, incapacity financial asset protection, and guardianship issues. The certification will increase learner's knowledge and understanding of legal and tax factors of estate and inheritance planning.

Charted Financial goal planner

This program is composed for forming essential skills that are required by Wealth advisors for executing critical functions associated with financial planning, goal planning, and investment planning for helping their clients in shifting from investment planning to comprehensive financial planning.


Charted Real Estate Professional

CREP will impart specialized knowledge and skills to real estate agents, developers, salespersons, wealth advisors, and home loan agents in real estate principles, financial appraisal, and professional conduct.


There are various other courses for which you can opt for apart from these above-mentioned courses. For details visit: https://www.aafmindia.co.in/

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