5 incredibly forbidden places on Earth you're not allowed to visit!

1. Area 51

This mysterious ‘area’ gained so much public attention that it even found its way within popular culture through the medium of movies and TV shows. Located in Nevada, United States lays the shadiest piece of planet, of which primary purpose has never been disclosed by the Federal Government of the USA, this led to many conspiracy theories to take form. A certain amount of non-conspiracy theorists believe that the base is used to develop and test new aircrafts while conspiracy theorists believe that Area 51 is a hub of intergalactic activity, where testing on aliens is a common thing!

2. White’s Gentlemen’s Club

This club is not like any other normal club you may have encountered or visited. Located in London, this is the most exclusive gentlemen club in the entire world. Only the richest and most powerful higher class men (like, Prince William, Prince Charles, etc) of the society have access to it and any other person than them, may have a hard time entering it as no matter how hard they try their entrance is strictly restricted inside. The three storied building holds private and secret meetings of the most elite to which the general public is never privy to.

3. Coca-Cola Recipe Vault

Located in The World of Coca-Cola in Atlanta, Georgia, this vault doesn’t holds huge amounts of gold bars, rather a secret recipe of Coca-Cola which is still a mystery that dates back to 1886. Tourists are allowed to visit the interactive World of Coca-Cola but are barred from seeing what lies inside the vault. The formula was only written down in 1925 and was kept secretly in Sun Trust Bank; later in 2010 it was moved to this vault. Today, approximately only three people are believed to know the full formula.

4. Javari Reserve

Unlike any other reserve that store endangered species of plants and animals, this reserve, located in Brazil, is actually the largest concentration of un-contacted tribes in the entire world. Common people aren’t allowed to visit these tribes who think that a presence of the unknown may be impure for them. Therefore, most of the images of these tribes are taken from the satellite or any source from above. The Brazilian and Peruvian governments are the ones who designate the people who are allowed to visit the place, who are very few in number.

5. Google’s Data Centers

I think you probably understand why these centers are not for the general public. The centers actually don’t have a specific location as they are located in multiple places across the globe. These centers are loaded with thousands of servers and cables and are so big that bicycles are put in places so that selected engineers can gain access to the specific block without walking and exhausting themselves. These colorful blocks actually contain millions, if not billions, of Google searches, youtube clips and emails. No wonder, people aren’t allowed inside here.

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