It was just another late summer morning as usual the sun rising from the east , the birds chirping as sweetly as they can , it was 6 in the morning but as usual in a college hostel it was the sleeping hour  which ranges from 3 am to 5 minutes before the lecture starts. Only few shoes could be heard making noise to get to the gym. As my workout was over, still everyone was in their peak of sleep dreaming. I just ate some breakfast and went for the shower.

Today was somewhat different just in terms that in place of attending lecture all I have to do was to coordinate for an event and as usual it was everyone’s favorite job to brace oneself from boring lectures.

 Everything was going smooth, each event was getting inaugurated and commenced as scheduled but just when the sun was at its peak the participants were roaring at the registration desk, I managed to get out that crowd and sat on a chair in the middle of the entrance. Sitting on the chair as soon as I had just started finding some cute girls I saw two eyes gazing me in a very cute way which amazed me .

But it had nothing to do with love and all as I enquired she wanted to participate in an event. So after some discussion she wanted to participate in an event called “BECH DE” in which one has to sell a book of Roonie Screwala worth 200 rs in the most promising price, basically sell it at the highest price from the competitors. That girl was little confused by her face, as I read that I offered help as  both of us will do the task.

 While we were about to start relaxing at the sofa I saw her eyes the deepest I ever had seen , her lips suiting her face in the most promising way , her hairs was like proverb to a verb , her palm was half the size of mine. I just wanted to be with her , I just  never wish to leave her at that moment.

 This all happened before I came across with her name, she wasn’t the most beautiful girl I ever met but she was someone I cannot explain.  While I was adoring all her pros and cons she came to me close, very close inches between lips was the distance one can measure and then….(Continue in second edition)




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