The smartest invention - smartphone,but the users must also be smart

Yes I think you all agree that smartphone is one of the smartest inventions of recent times. It started a great revolution in modern technology .It has spread over the entire world in a very short time .It has brought everything we need near our footsteps. It has brought such a craze among the people that even a  year old baby also started using smartphone.It provides us a lot of entertainment .If there is a smartphone in our hand we can sit in one place and control most of the things around us. From morning to evening no sorry upto midnight it is playing a key role in our lives. Now a person can not lead this life without a smart phone. It has occupied our lives in such a manner.So everyone agrees that this is the smartest thing of recent times.

But wait a minute there are lot of uses with this smartphone along with these uses there are also many adverse affects with this usage.You must be very careful and wise while using it.High usage of smartphones leads to many problems such as health problems both physically and mentally .Due to usage of this one does not have a chance to do physical work which leads to blood pressure ,spinal problems,heart problems,eye sight problems and many more .And recently we see that the people who are addicted to them forget the entire world ,they dosen't even care what is happening beside them they loose their self care and awareness.They are not aware of what is happening behind them.Every one must know that they have to take control on this .They must recognize that the usage of phone is as equal as petrol in a car which should be in a sufficient manner not more or not less.This is a serious problem which must be taken care of .so users control yourself stay fit and happy.

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