According to Indian culture NARIYAL (coconut) is a symbol of good luck and prosperity which is regarded as the symbolic Ganesh and also symbolizes selfless service. As being the eco-friendly crop it permits the existence of multi-species of plants. 

Coconut plays a symbolic importance in Hinduism.The rough exterior part symbolize the proud heart whereas the interior part is sweet and tender. The main significance of NARIYAL is the three eye over it which represent the Hindu God Shiva.

'Puja' is the basic ethic of the Hindu religion, people use it for eating but the Hinduism regard it as the element of puja. It represents the consciousness and often displayed in a copper pot called a ‘KALASH’. Puja involves connecting with spirit through which we receive blessings in return.

AADI festival is celebrated in the mid of July to August in which the Hinduism worship the Goddess Amman. In this festival the coconut is break over the heads of the faithful Goddess for her blessings.

According to Hinduism, most of the people break coconut while blessing a new home, business or vehicles. Most of them use flowers of coconut over the rice or during weddings.

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