Make Your Skin Fresher this Summer

Summers breaking you down? Can't really move about without avoiding the sun? Well, we are here with some rescue tips for you!

Let's start with the most common things you need to follow: Hyderate your skin + SPF protect it !

You obviously need to drink a lot of water, the worst thing about the summers this time is the loo. Since more UV rays have been entering our atmosphere, it's causing more health problems than usual.

Get your facts right about your sunscreens, read the ingredients properly before you use any.



1) Moisturize and protect your skin with SPF 15 Daily if your skin is exposed to the sun for a short period. In cases of prolonged exposures, a water resistant SPF 30 formula is recommended.


2) Use products containing zinc or avobenzone. These ingredients help you protect from the UVA light avoiding the chances of accumulating UV damage in your skin cells.


Some safe sunscreens for your face: Elta MD, Neutrogena: Healthy Defence, Garnier and Ponds BB cream.

Fact: Scientists have discovered that the aging in skin cells are faster with prolonged exposure to sun. So make sure you have your skin protected with cloths and hats.


Change your diet

Your diet affects your body a lot, and a climate like Indian summer needs is a great agent of spoiling your health.

1) Summers bring out many street foods like our favourite 'pani puri', softies, paw bhajis. Love these? Yeah well, avoid them. The oil agents and un-hygienic water and materials used to make these disturbs the stomach resistance which gets extremely low in summers.

It causes vomiting and you got to make a lot of trips to the bathroom with loose motions. But the worst part of these health risks is that one can easily get diarrhoea and organ complications.


2) Eat lots of liquids but choose your juice carefully. Street juices can be poisonous for the fruits get spoiled in the heat and react bad with the acids in your stomach. Eat a lot of salads and green vegetables. Avoid more than limited consumption of fruits like Papaya and Mangoes, they generate heat inside the body.



De-tan your skin ( naturally )

I think this was the main part the ladies reading this were waiting for. It's out of my personal experience and usage that I will give you some tips to remove pigmented spots and tan from your face and body.


1) Mask - This mask is suitable for all skin types unless someone is alergic to any of the elements. You need to make a mixture using a mixing machine for the best result and better application.

Ingredients - Cucumber, lemon, turmeric, gram flour (besan) and curd.

Add half a cucumber with extractions of lemon, 1 small cup of gram flour and 1 tbsp each of turmeric and curd. Mix well in the machine and take the mixture to settle in a dish. Apply on face, neck and hands. You can scrub your skin with it first to exfoliate or use your daily scrub. Keep the mixture applied on for 10-15 minutes until it starts stretching your skin. Wash off.


You can use the same recipe but with honey instead of gram flour. Use milk to remove the mask as honey is very tight and might cause irritation and wrinkles if agitatedly removed.

You can apply a light cream or aloe vera gel. But in case you are using aloe vera gel on face, DO NOT keep it on for more than 15 minutes, it causes burning and blackening of sensitive areas on our face. Also a reminder to aloe vera gel users, you shouldn't go out in the sun after applying it, immediate burning of skin follows.


2) Daily Tan Removal

You know applying lemon slices, tomato or potato slices actually lighten up your skin? Use it like a scrub to remove the pigmentation immediately after you come home from outside so that the skin wouldn't accumulate the tan.

So now when you know few of the tips, treat yourself like a baby! Have a great summers and keep posted for more.




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