Choose Chartered Trust and Estate Planning for a better future: AAFM

Chartered Trust and Estate planners work with clients, providing accounting, financial, and legal advice which helps them to prepare for end-of-life and succession issues. The main objective of this certificate designation is to safeguard clients’ assets as they pass from their ownership to their desired inheritors. Once a client passes away, an estate plan would dictate the dispersal of assets per the deceased’s directions. Without an estate plan, these decisions may be left to the next of kin or the state.

Duties of estate planners include:

Creating a last will and testament

Setting up trust accounts

Naming an executor and power of attorneys

Identifying all beneficiaries

A good estate planner should update his/her skills and knowledge regularly as clients’ financial situations, personal motivations, and federal and state laws all evolve.

As with any profession, there are characteristics and skills that can help you achieve these goals as you work with your clients in an estate planner role.

It is a Short Term International Certification Course which focuses on Estate and Trust Planning forming a very important subset of Personal Finance, Financial Planning, Wealth Planning or Wealth Management. The program develops the skills in wealth transfer, succession planning, family wealth preservation advisory skills. It is mainly required by Financial Advisors, Wealth Managers, Wealth Management and Private Banking Professionals and Students to develop cutting edge knowledge in Estate Planning, Trust Planning, Succession Planning, Private Banking, Family Office, and Financial Advisory. The CTEP® Program is a Federally Copyrighted Program founded in the United States with Wall Street Sector Trademarks owned by AAFM®

AAFM India promotes Financial Advisory and Wealth Management Advisory Standards in the country by actively engaging with the Government, Regulators, Educational Institutes, Training Providers, Financial Services Companies, Banks, etc. They offer the Global Expertise to build and promote the International Best Practices in the field of Finance and Financial Advisory. It has presence in over 151 Countries globally which sets Global Standards and Processes for Financial and Wealth Advisory


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