The Telecommunication company Nokia has filed a suit against the leading techno-giant Apple Inc. The statement came on Wednesday, when Nokia leaked the information in the media that it has sued Apple Inc. for blocking 32 technology patents.

Apple has also knocked the doors of court against the patent issuing authority Acacia Research Corp and Conversant Intellectual Property Management Inc. to form an alleged collusion with Nokia to gain exorbitant revenue unfairly from the Apple.

Besides this, there are various arguments into picture that “Nokia always refused to license their patents on a fair basis but now used unfair practices to extort money from Apple by adding a royalty fee to some of Apple’s own inventions”. 

However, the patent issuing company Acacia Research Corporation has not issued any statement against the claims triggered by Apple.

Nokia which used to be the dominant player in the mobile phone industry missed out the leading role due to introduction of iphone back in the year 2007. The company’s phone business was sold to Microsoft two years ago and continuing the tradition, recently, Microsoft sold the mobile-phone feature business to a new company called HMD Global for a 10 year licensing deal. The company will continue to market low-cost Nokia phones and will say hello to the mobile phone market with new Nokia Smartphone market next year.

The legal dispute between Nokia and Apple is an emulation of the Samsung and Apple clash that began 5 years ago, when Apple filed a series of Patent complaints against Samsung Electronics with wins and losses on both sides.

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