Smart Homes Getting Smarter and Safer: AI

Artificial intelligence is intelligence demonstrated by machines. It is the opposite intelligence of humans and other animals. Artificial intelligence is mainly found in robots. But it can also be applied to any machine that has its own embedded intelligence such as learning and problem solving skills. With the help of Al, machines can perform various functions. Some of the areas where Al is used is military simulations, autonomous cars and interpretation of complex data.

Al has produced astonishing achievements in the fields of science and technology. Al has also made our lives very easier and comfortable. It has helped greatly in error reduction. With the aid of Al, more calculations can now be done with greater accuracy. With greater accuracy it has pushed up the studies such as exploration of space. The robots are embedded with Al and are sent to space for collection of information. The most simplest device where Al can be found is our smartphones. The face detector is a common feature of Al powered smartphones. Nowadays Al is also being used in financial institutions and banking operations for organising and managing data. But now it has also found its way into our homes.



The Smart Homes or Home Automation is a common area where Artificial intelligence is at work. It involves the the automation of lighting, heating, air conditioning, security and controlling various home appliances such as refrigerators, ovens and washing machines. The common tool used for the control of such machines is Wi-Fi. All these home devices , controlled and operated through the Internet fall under the scheme if Internet of Things. The smart home market is at boom and is was worth US $5.77 billion in 2013. It is predicted to reach the value of US $12.81 billion by 2020. Some of the advantages of smart homes are given below.

1. Manage all your home devices at one place

All your home devices can be controlled from just one place. The ability to control all your home devices from one interface is a great achievement of Al. This provides all your comfort of your home from your smartphone only.

2. Maximise your home security

Al has greatly helped in maximising the home security. The surveillance feature in your smart home network us a great achievement. Some examples are connection to motion detectors, automated door locks and getting all your security updates in your phone.

3. Increased energy efficiency

Al has also provided greater energy efficiency for your home. Depending on how you use your smart home technology, it is possible to make it more energy efficient. It provides more accurate control over the heating and cooling systems of your home. It also automatically sets the ideal room temperature and suggests the best settings for the energy efficiency. Lights can automatically be turned off when you go out and turned on when you come home. This makes you tension free of wasting any energy.

So, Al powered smart homes have really made our lives very easy and comfortable. With the improvement in technology, new features are soon to be seen in the area of Al enabled Smart Homes.

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