Formal Employee sued Google for Harassment and Discrimination.

▪Google is sued by its former employee Tim Chevalier, a software developer and former site-reliability engineer at Google. He has alleged the company for discrimination, harassment, retaliation, and wrongful termination, according to court documents filed . He claims that Google fired him when he responded with internal Pro diversity posts.

▪According to the sources, He was fired in November 2017 for making internal posts again racism and sexism.Chevalier, who is transgender and disabled, alleges that Google failed to protect its female,minority and LGBT employees from harassment on internal forums but was quick to fire those who all spoke about the racism and sexism on work.
▪Chevalier had responded to the anti-diversity memo written by James Damore, another employee who was fired for criticising tech giant's diversity policy.

James Damore's lawsuit is designed to embarass Google

Last August, James Damore got fired.Damore sued Google for illegally discriminating against whites, males, and conservatives.
▪The engineer, James Damore, confirmed his firing in an email saying he was terminated for “perpetuating gender stereotypes".
▪The gender gap at Google is because of the differences between man and woman.
▪The U.S National Labour Relation Board (NLRB) didn't take into consideration Damore's complaint saying that Google didn't violates labour laws when it fired him.
▪An NLRB lawyer said Google fired because of unprotected discriminatory statements in his memo.
▪In the lawsuit filed against Google in California Court, Chevalier's posts were also quoted in Damore's lawsuit.
▪Damore’s complaint includes 86 pages of screenshots from internal Google discussion forums, presented as an evidence.
▪Danielle Brown, vice president of diversity said that Damore's views are not the ones that I or Google will encourage or promote.According to Google, the company will never promote harmful stereotypes based on race and gender.

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