A saint from California named Harold camping warned people about the end of the world that will be on this coming 2nd October at 6 in the evening . He was an American Christian Radio broadcaster, author and evangelist . According to him, world’s one-third of the population will die and the remaining will reach some other point of destination. Harold camping who was 89 years, was a civil engineer in the south. He is famous for his prophecy and with the help of family radio network he informs people about it. His spiritual broadcasting system is run by the donations of his listeners. After studying Bible for 70 years, he claims confidently to have developed a new way with the help of Mathematics, with the help of which he can bring the hidden prophecy to the forefront. Camping predicted that Jesus Christ would return to Earth on May 21, 2011, whereupon the saved would be taken up to heaven in the rapture, and that there would follow five months of fire, brimstone and plagues on Earth, with millions of people dying each day, culminating on October 21, 2011, with the final destruction of the world. He had previously predicted that Judgment Day would occur on or about September 6, 1994

He said the earthquake which struck japan, New Zealand and Haiti is the sign of the coming end of the world. Earlier also camping made this announcement about the end of the world on 6th September 1994 but at last, he was very sorry for the wrong prediction he made and now he is with his new date that is 2nd October 2016. Let’s see what happens this coming October.

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