List of Celebrities Defending Salman Khan in Blackbuck poaching conviction

Bollywood Bhaijan Salman Khan has always been in news, sometimes for good and sometimes for bad. However, this time he is going through a tough time because of the Blackbuck poaching case. He has been sentenced jail for 5 years. Opposing to this verdict many of his celebrity supporters came in front and defended him.

It is a big matter of delayed justice. Anyone will be guilty for the crimes before law but that sentence of being guilty should be proved within a limited time. Delayed justice may make few happy about conviction for crime but the accused suffers for years while waiting. So, who will raise question about injustice for giving punishment after 20 years of crime was committed.

Let us look at some celebrity tweets defending Salman Khan- 

All of these tweets and many unmentioned tweets show the love for Bhai of Bollywood. People are supporting Salman Khan a lot because in these 20 years he did a lot to humanity. He tried his best to apologize for his crime by charity and by being human. Although judiciary has its own way to work and that is respected but majority wants Salman Khan to be released of this case.

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